Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cave living

Troglodyte homes are found all over the world, but seem to be especially popular in Andalucia : it's a sensible solution to the heat problem, as the caves  hold relatively stable comfortably cool temperature without substantial investment in airconditioning. Whilst cave dwellings slipped out of popularity for a while, the current economic climate seems to be making them increasingly popular due to the reduced cost of running a home - and of course, a good ecological solution too! 
I found this little village just outside Guadix  at the end of a very dodgy little road, and was mobbed by small grubby children as soon as I appeared. They seemed quite fascinated by the van, but rapidly changed focus to the idea of being able to earn some pocketmoney ( their idea, not mine!) by acting as tour guide. Some of the children live in the village, the young lad who was my chief guide was visiting from Burgos and staying in his grandparents cave. 

 Whilst there are a couple of abandonned caves, which are open for tourists to wander in, the majority of the buildings were carefully whitewashed and occupied, with nice shiny cars parked outside. I got some bemused stares from some of the older generation sat in the town square - I'm not sure if it was because of being a female driving a small truck, or the Pied Piper effect I was having on the kids. Still, it was a fascinating visit, and well worth the large packet of crisps and 2€ in small change for the low down on how cave houses really work!

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