Friday, 22 April 2016

Earthday & Gratitude

Today is Earth Day.

It's a time for reflection about the amazing planet that we live on and share with so many other living creatures as well as a time for action - to make sure that it will still be this way for our children, our children's children, and their descendants.

Like everyone, I've had tough times - I've spent far too much of my adult life fighting depression and life hasn't always taken the path I would have liked it to take. Like most women in highly visible career paths, I've fought against a lack of self confidence and sense of being the impostor in the room at times. You take your knocks and you get up and get going again - and I find the energy to do this just by walking out the door and seeing the miracle that is this Earth. Each flower, ant, leaf and person. It's been a constant North Star of happiness to see the Earth and Nature - humanity included - in so many different forms.

I'm grateful that I've been fortunate enough to travel and see places that many people will now never see : I've seen Asia before it was covered with plastic and concrete, African jungles filled with the squeaks and rustles and barks of wild animals, coral reefs that were vibrantly colored and had shoals of wonderful fish darting through and the Mediterranean, still shining an azure oil-free blue.

I'm grateful that I can watch a leaf grow and unfurl on a springtime tree and a flower burst into blossom.

I'm grateful that my parents took the time to show me paradise in a grain of sand and I'm grateful for the Being or accident of chemistry that caused this world to be.

I hope we learn to tread lightly on this Earth - she's the only one we have - and that our children's children can see the same beauty that we can now. Or even better, the Earth with her industrial veil lifted.

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