Saturday, 17 November 2012

Levitating cat....or not

Louie needs fingers. I've spoken earlier in the blog about his bizarre requirement to chew methodically through your fingers first thing in the morning, but I think, today took the biscuit.

Today, he couldn't wait for me to get my morning coffee, so in a desperate attempt to multitask, I hoisted (yes, hoisted, he's a BIG cat)  him up into my arms, with his  rear paws and butt cradled in my left hand and his back against my left arm and crook of elbow so I could feed him fingers inbetwixt pushing buttons on the coffee maker.

Apparently, the length of time it takes to push a button is too long to be bereft of fingers. Before I knew it, he'd managed to invert himself in an attempt to simultaneously balance on and chew the fingers of my left hand.

<facepalm> or should that be <faceplant>?

I wish, I wish I'd had a camera. Louie is currently nursing his wounded dignity on a cushion on top of my crafting box next to the radiator. Fingers no longer have priority in his world.

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