Monday, 23 November 2015

Kale chips - savoury heaven

I've always had a passion for savoury, far more than sweet flavours. Here in the Netherlands, I find I really miss English junk food - salt & vinegar or roast beef flavoured crisps are just so much more addictive than caramel waffles or chocolate. And neither paprika flavour or plain salted crisps hold a candle to the rich flavours I miss. And whilst junk food isn't too healthy , it is quite addictive.

Kale chips are my answer to that craving - and they are just awesomely tasty! They are also incredibly easy to make.

Grab yourself some kale next time you are out shopping for food. I tend to use packets of ready sliced and washed because it's quick and easy - but it's simple enough to slice the kale leaves into fine shreds. I'm looking forwards to next year when the vegetable garden is growing well, and I can pop out and grab my kale fresh from the garden. You then need to coat the leaves with a film of olive oil. This is simultaneously the easiest and hardest part. You don't want to drown the leaves in oil, but do want to ensure that they are thoroughly coated. So, add a small slug of oil to the leaves in a bowl, and get in there with clean hands and massage the oil all over them. It's great for ensuring they are evenly coated and also gives you silky smooth moisturized hands as an added bonus.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree centigrade whilst you spread the leaves out thinly on a shallow baking tray. Sprinkle over with salt and pop into the oven to crisp up. I struggle to get the timing perfect when I measure by the clock - somewhere between 10 -15 minutes. I find it best to keep a close eye on it, and ensure to whip them out as they start to go crispy, and just the first tips go dark.

I love using kale chips as flavouring and toppings on dinner dishes. They are wonderful sprinkled on thai green curry, or macaroni cheese. They are wonderful to roll cheese fondu dipped bread chunks in for that extra little zing on your fondue bite. Give them a try and tell me what you serve them with !

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