Sunday, 29 November 2015

Plans, plans, plans!

Super excited !

We got post this week that had me jumping all over the scenery with happiness. About three weeks ago we had the architects in to measure up the house, as a preliminary for making plans for the major renovations.

They've finally sent back the 3 D diagrams of the house - with the main frame accurately mapped out which is fundamental to deciding how to build the rest around it. In addition to the actual plans they have also created some 3D diagrams that show exactly what the house looks like now :

The front or BDM  (births, deaths & marriages) door as we call it, is on the side of the house opening onto a small hallway.To the left is the kitchen and to the right is the mudroom, The kitchen has a lovely patio door and we love sitting out in the sun for breakfast on summer days. Past the kitchen is the living room with the conservatory jutting out into the garden. Our neighbour Frank was born in this his house, and he told us that the conservatory was built for his grandfather - who was farming cows here and broke his hip, causing him to be bedridden for in excess of 6 months, so that he could watch the world going by. To make sure the cows were properly looked after, he apparently asked his sons to drive the cattle past so he could see how well they were doing.

 I love the round windows in the living room - they give it an almost nautical feeling. The side patio door open out onto the main garden view - we've done so much work to do in the garden already this year, that it's going to a wonderful view in the summer. The rest of the windows along that side of the house are the bathroom, utility room and our bedroom - we have decided not to use upstairs until we've completed the renovation.

The back of the house has our favourite room the craft/computer room. That said - we've not actually done much on the computers, beyond link them up. Well - one of them. Mine still isn't cabled and I really should get around to it some time soon! It looks out towards the stables and down towards the fields. I don't think we will be able to see the fruit trees in blossom sadly, as they are behind the stables.

Here's the last view - and it's one of my favourites. As you can see, we still have the old barn doors leading into the mudroom. It's part of the character of the house and makes me happy every time I see them. W has always had a hankering to be farmer, and this is a reminder that dreams can come true!

The last picture that I want to share is of the 'vierkant' - the four post frame in the centre of the building : I tried really hard to describe the construction in an earlier post and hopefully this will make everything clear! Its quite fascinating to see the bones of your home in such graphic detail - here's to it remaining strong for another few hundred years.

We've been running around all summer doing stuff that was supposed to be just getting us into the house as 'liveable' - this is the starting blocks of the transformation!

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