Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 resolutions : renovation goals

Like most people, I always start the year with a long list of good intentions, and a list of resolutions. All this planning has culminated in my 2016 resolutions (read goals/to-do list) : the things I'd like to get done in the year. It's a pretty long list, and I'm fairly sure it's going to get added to on a regular basis. It ranges from the sublimely simple and small that should have been done ages ago, to the insanely large and energetic.

Sometimes it's useful to know that you have other people rooting for you, to keep you to your goals, so II thought I'd just list this out here. It's probably going to be embarrassing this time next year, when I discover just how little is completed & ticked off the list! Am I allowed to replace things with activities of equivalent grade of complexity? The biggest challenge we've had in keeping to schedule this year has been the myriad of additional other tasks that have sprung up along the way, so that for every one task we complete, we end up doing 2-4 more!

  1. Clean & stain IKEA patio table, chairs & bench 
  2. Lay tiles in utility cupboard
  3. Replace waterproof silicon edging at back of kitchen sink/kitchen surface
  4. Grout the tiles under the craft table
  5. Repair edge of kitchen patio
  6. Fit draught excluder to mudroom
  7. Repair exterior giant table on main patio
  8. Repair glue pipe of rear gutter & do extension into grid
  9. Repair garden bench
  10. Fill crack in the wall by back door
  11. Mount curtain poles in the living room
  12. Make window fillers for the circular windows
  13. Make window shutters for the circular windows
  14. Lay  drainage pipe down to the canal
  15. Clean tiles on roof
  16. Replace top half of rear stable door
  17. Finish floor in the stables cupboard room
  18. Stable cupboard room inject DPC 
  19. New lights in the stable
  20. Mudroom doors on the cupboards to be made & hung
  21. Craftroom doors on the cupboard to be made & hung
  22. Whitewash wood in craftroom
  23. Whitewash wood in mudroom
  24. Repair & repaint dog scratches
  25. Build a mud & water catcher tray
  26. Mini diamonds for the gate to stop the dog escaping
  27. Replace exterior pole light near house
  28. Eat more healthily & take home made food to work at least twice a week
  29. Brick edging for garden beds
  30. Second coat of paint on the gates & fences
  31. Fix the wooden arch  base between rose  & flower bed 
  32. Make up a wooden pane and tile the hole in the laundry room
  33. Install squares on the gate tops at the front
  34. Hem curtain in hall
  35. Glue harp trim
  36. Mosaic stones for garden walkways
  37. Home made curtains for craftroom
  38. Home made curtains for mudroom
  39. Finish putting coving around the ground floor : hall, mudroom, craftroom, bedroom, laundry room. wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen. ( only done the living room so far!)
  40. "Beschoeing" along the front edge of the garden - timber edging with bespoke vole exits & cat ramps to stop the garden from being washed away by the canal flow
  41. Lay the garden footpath from gate to kitchen patio, from gate around trees to the boardwalk under the trees
  42. Make a fishing boardwalk under the trees!
  43. Install anti-leaf devices in the gutters to encourage leaves not to settle in them!
  44. Remove the old dog pen
  45. Drink more water!
  46. Level and lay new turf around front & garden side of the house
  47. Finish dining room chair makeovers
  48. New lamp near house, and a new lamp by the gate
  49. Lay matting around the fruit trees
  50. (More) Raspberry frames - make and train raspberries up them
  51. Make raised beds for the kitchen garden
  52. Grow a summer feast in the raised beds!
  53. Build the new garden shed & garage
  54. Finish the Pfaff table upcycle
  55. Finish the Singer table upcycle
  56. Repad/stuff Granddad's old chair
  57. Craft an elf village for the trees
  58. Extend the removal of nettles throughout the garden, as far as the hay barn.
  59. Repair the haybarn
  60. Gingerbread trim for the conservatory
  61. Mosaic the postbox base
  62. Accomplish at least 1 upcycling or crafting project per month
  63. Complete design of first floor & above with the architects
  64. Powerwash stables
  65. Repaint all the woodwork on outside of the stables - 'heraldry' on stall shutters
  66. Repaint stable interior
  67. New tiles - mudroom, hall, kitchen (maybe delay until after first floor work?)
  68. Home made Xmas decorations - wood tree
  69. Octagonal bench around the chestnut tree
  70. Wooden flower boxes on the kitchen patio
  71. Reduce wardrobe clutter by 50% in a journey to a minimal & organised wardrobe life
  72. Standing bar tables  made by W in wood
  73. Move the laundry line & rebuild
  74. Make a rotating rainshield for laundry line (maybe?) 
  75. Chill out at a spa at least once per quarter!!
  76. Garden lighting
  77. Make boot remover
  78. Make giant garden games
  79. Clean blinds in kitchen
  80. Clean blinds in conservatory
  81. Powerwash all patios & stonework
  82. Re-sand the brick flooring 
  83. Make moss art on the back of the stables
  84. (WT)Fit new garden doors
  85. (WT)Re-do bathroom ceiling : replaster, repaint
  86. (TZ) re-lay rear patio
  87. Teach the hound to come so that we can run and play on the beach together without a leash
  88. Lay out a chequer board herb garden
  89. Wildflower meadow on the banks of the canal ( opposite side)
  90. Treat & repair wood in the riding ring 
  91. Treat & repair wood in the starvation paddock
  92. Clear & relay central walkway between ring & paddock,
  93. De-weed starvation paddock - Zen garden layout
  94. De-weed riding ring - zen garden layout
  95. Clear out stuff in the loft and send at least a car load of stuff off to a better (new)  home
  96. Build a clay wood oven for making pizza near the BBQ
  97. Have a giant summer barbeque!
  98. Prune old fruit trees
  99. Remove old concrete blocks from the front & 
  100. clear/plant the front area
  101. Get old grain store cleared
  102. Remove asbestos shed ( subject to building new shed)
  103. Level floor in the stables (?new concrete?)
  104. Breed ladybirds for the lime trees
  105. Keep n do a good job in my day job
  106. Relax, be happy, and garden on!
And of course, the dream is to start on the first and second floors. Roll on 2016!

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