Tuesday, 26 January 2016

January madness

Its been an interesting few weeks.

 I've been travelling for work - a lovely snowy trip to Aarhus, in Denmark; a day on an island on the North Sea, a few days in a conference centre. It doesnt sound like so much, but its amazing how tiring it all is. And how little time you get to work on DIY and blogging as a result.

At weekends, I've been trying to make some DIY progress, but its all really small stuff thats hard to blog about because its so bitty and incomplete: i finally got my order of the end pieces for the curtain rails and mounted them. I've been prepping a load of mosaic tiles by removing them from mesh, and sorting them. I've bought fabric for making curtains, and I've cleaned and prepared the shells we collected at the beach over Christmas. I've also re-sorted and tidied the craft cupboard because I got so tired of not finding the things I was looking for.

 We've finished digging out the trough for the drain to the canal as part of the drains work to sort out water issues at the back of the house. We'd got to the stage where we didnt have water in the walls and house with the gutters and drain runoff going to the garden edge and everything became just that little less critical as a result. Whilst I'm glad we had a bit of a break, and digging frozen ground whilst we had snow and ice is not really an option, its really fascinating how easy it is for time to get away from you on projects. I'm super happy that we've finally finished the last little bit of drain fitting. Just a few days for the mud to settle, and we can returf & whoopie! All done!

I'll leave you with a picture of the beautiful mackerel sky that greeted me on arrival on Denmark - and here's to making some real bloggable progress this weekend!

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