Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 6 & a little bit longer....

I got home okay, but with a bit of a frisson of excitement. Whilst pootling up the M20 towards London, I became increasingly irritated by this intermittent high pitch beep. Despite 3 pull overs on the hard shoulder, I really couldnt find the source so I decided to grit my teeth and continue the drive. It became evident shortly thereafter as all hell broke loose, with wailing sirens.....and the smoke alarm kicked into maximum gear, complaining about loose battery connections. Note to self : disconnect battery before driving.....

One other issue - the 'van developed a leak, and I ended up limping home topping up the coolant with Evian....nothing but the best for *my* 'van. She's spent some time back with Marquis being repaired, ran a brief diversion via Cambridge to meet Mum and Dad ( "that upholstery is dreadful, did you really pick that?") and was soon ready to recommence travels.

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  1. "that upholstery is dreadful, did you really pick that?"