Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day Four : Kinderdijk

You cant go to Holland without doing windmills, so I went for the immersion therapy route with a visit to Kinderdijk. Whilst windmills are endemic in Holland - Kinderdijk does windmills in the extreme. Added to the World Heritage List in 1997 , about 19 mills were constructed here between 1738 and 1740 to drain the Alblasserwaard Polders and make a magnificent sight. Sadly none of the mills were turning that day, but I was still awestruck.

Inside is cozy, and not optimal for  booklovers, as book cases just dont happen on circular walls. The rotating roof however is probably perfect for star gazers.

This mill wheel is one of 19 which built a large chunk of Holland out of mud & water....

I was surprised to find that despite the fame of the Kinderdijk mills, the Dutch don't visit - Werner here hasn't been since he was 5!

The obligatory picture of me & a windmill : 

and since ducks seem to be a hallmark of my visit to Holland - my Kinderdijk duck!

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