Friday, 11 May 2012

It's all becoming awfully real : the van passed it's AA inspection with near perfect colors, and should be in my grubby paws some time on Wednesday.

So now there is a mad flurry of planning and preparing and packing and oh's actually coming true!

EHIC - check
CCI - check
Insurance - check
Safe - check
Breakdown cover.....ok, one more thing to do.

I've got melamine plates in the post, and it's time to start dragging out the "stuff" I've been collecting for the van over the last few days into a giant heap. Of course, there is one major dilemma I havent solved yet - what do I do for pans? I hate aluminum cheap stuff, it's dire for cooking on, but my usual cast iron heavy duty stuff is going to consume gallons to gas to heat up. And then of course, there is storage - how? where? folding handles or not to fold??

Exciting times!

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