Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day Three : Benelux  - the Celtic Festival

Christening the van with a day spent at a festival seemed to be very sensible : all the more so when I discovered the mead stalls : )

I wasnt too sure what a Celtic festival would be but it turns out that its a cross between a folk/circus/LRP/re-enactment festival.

Lunch :  Rat on a stick? Actually a glorious pork chop roast, over an open fire washed down with Lindisfarne mead.

This is a roasting grid to die for - dja think I can I add this to the van?

I just loved this lady's costume, although she must have been sweltering in a leather corset in the heat.

For those who really want to live it in the full medieval way, you just need to head a bit further in away from the music stage

 Rappalje and Fiddlers Green both put on awesome performances - I think the most impressive part was the flaming bagpipe player. Sadly no photos :S

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