Friday, 18 May 2012

First night

So today was the start of the trial run. Lots and lots of learnings in the first 24 hours.

So,in no particular order :
- (flash),shake, rattle 'n'roll is the vagabonds mantra! Whilst I expected the rattles, and seem to have a reasonably good job of reducing them, the sheer vibrations through the steering wheel are numbing in the extreme. Long runs are going to be hard work and a vibration dampening steering wheel cover is high on the 'must purchase' list.
-I appear to be have an awesome stereo fitted - it takes USB input from multiple sources which is fantastic but it also sequences through the most lurid set of bright blue flashes and scrolling messages about every 3 minutes : not condusive to night driving. RTFM methinks.
- co-pilot on the iPhone is actually an awesome value for money sat nav but sucker cups do not adhere to fascia surfaces, leading to frantic rescue lunges every 20 minutes or so. Gaffs tape is my friend:)
- the van is equipped with mozzie screens for a reason....being intelligent and using them denies the local mozzie population a fantastic feast, but is far more condusive to sleep!
- despite having spent nearly 12 hours packing cupboards, it's not enough to work out a logical, usable combo : I foresee much shuffling of stuff in the future.Also, packing cubes and containers are definitely your friend to avoid total collapse outward on cupboard opening.
- thetford loos : oh boy! When they say ' it creates a strong vacuum, do everything carefully and gradually to avoid blowback, they really mean it!! That said, very efficient, and no 'festival' aromas :D
- finally, camp sites close really early, so do the travel there first thing in the morning if you don't want to spend the night wild camping.

 So, first day and night : awesome!!!!

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