Monday, 28 May 2012

Northern England run

Back on the run again !!! Heading north this time to see my awesome photographer friend Lisa for her significant 21 again birthday party :D :D :D :D

First stop was the Peak District for a couple of evenings. Drive was *horrid* not coz of the 'van but because a lorry went over on the M25 and caught fire. I guess that's not so bad, but the lorry was full of vodka, which all went up too.....and melted a large chunk of the road. Tarmac flambe !!

The Peak District itself was absolutely glorious - it's a beautiful part of the country even in grey rainy weather but blue skies, blazing sunshine and heat made it just woooooonderful.

Saturday was a day in search of tart ......Bakewell tart to be precise. Whilst on route to Bakewell, the sound of bells and some very unusually dressed folk came into view...

Whilst there is a homily that says "Try everything in life except incest and morris dancing", this group reduced it to just one point for me, with their awesome facepaint, costume and energetic complex dancing. They are South Yorkshire based and give a whole new meaning to English traditions.

Boggarts Breakfast

Caught here in midair : far far more energetic than I could be in 29 degrees!

After a nice drink and seeing a number of dances, the search for Bakewell was resumed : 

Bakewell has an ongoing feud about two different desserts : Bakewell pudding and Bakewell tart. It's been made even more complex by modern varients such as 'iced cherry bakewell'...

The 'Tart' is a shortcrust pastry container with a frangipane and jam filling, whilst the 'Pudding' is a flaky pastry container with egg and almond filling. Of course, with such a largesse around, it was truly vital to sample each and every variant to decide *which* was the best......

Strangely enough, this part of the tour isn't leading to a slimmer figure as the latest whistlestop visit to the scales does this picture of the ravaged remains of cake, cake, cake....

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