Thursday, 10 May 2012

Woosh! Like every good project, something had to go wrong. It's been an interesting lesson in reading the fine print, doing things in the right order, and planning ahead. Thankfully, although I messed up the order of two tasks, it's only delayed me two days, and cost me £79.00 . Sadly the van turns out to be a Cat D insurance writeoff : reasonable to have it back on the road and all that, but a pain to insure and a pain to resell so not what I want. I've managed to cancel everything fairly painlessly , and put an (accepted) offer on my second best choice. So that's now going through the inspection process quite happily.

Lesson learned : you cant speed up a project by jumping ahead of tasks, it's only likely to come back and bite you!

Second best choice is exactly the same van, so although the reg is wrong in the picture, it's basically exactly the same.  I do have a few photos of the "pre-cleaned up" interior.

Fingers crossed.

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