Friday, 1 June 2012

Calais, Boulogne, & Montreuil

First day in France :

Overnight camping in Calais harbour was short, and fairly sweet : the work started at 7 in the morning, so up and moving at an ungodly hour. Thankfully, its not far to get coffee! From there it was a quick run to Boulogne sur Mer to visit Nausicaa - the sealife centre.

It was extremely well laid out and had multi-lingual presentations, with a high focus on ecology and the environment. Most fascinating of course where the tanks full of fish, coral, the occasional reptile or insect and even mammals in the form of sealions. These took great joy in diving under and around the tank area, showing off their graceful lines and amazing flexibility underwater.

Boulogne is also a major centre for land yachting , and we watched a number of school groups head out fearlessly. Wanted to have a go but ran out of time!

From Boulogne on to Montreuil, near La Touquet, to find the first 'real' campsite. Time to catch up with all the chores, like emptying containers of various noxious fluids, and filling up water tanks again.  Once that, and sorting the inevitable debris of the day that had collected in corners around the van was complete, it was time for a pleasant stroll around the old town, to see the fortifications and architecture.

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