Thursday, 7 June 2012

Smelly cheese and Calvados

Today was a gastronomic day, with a visit to Pont L'eveque - a beautiful medieval market town. Whilst the tourist information calls out a medieval "quartier", the whole town is full of gorgeous beamed buildings. There is even a 'prison joyeuse' - although why it was a happy prison, we never found out. I assume it was from the regional fare of cheese and apple brandy.

France is covered with beautiful churchs and Pont L'eveque is no exception - a lovely few minutes wandering around admiring.

A guided tour of the Pere Magloire Calvados distillery was fabulous, with a full 15 minutes spent inhaling spirits of calvados - the Angel's portion - in the main barrel storage area. There are apparently 3 demarcations of Calvados - one which is single distilled, this area which is double distilled and both of which were declared in 1942 in an attempt to stop the Germans from requisitioning the brandy to make explosives from it, and a third which must contain at least 30% pears. As we were following on the tail of a tourbus  full of german retirees, it was fun to watch the face of the guide when he was asked to translate that little factoid!

The obligatory tasting afterwards was fabulous - with a new discovery for me. Calvados cream is a Bailey's style drink and is just nom nom nom....inevitably this led to purchase of two bottles, in the hope that one might make it as far as Janine's next tranche of the journey. Fingers crossed, Janine!

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  1. Oh yes, fingers crossed - and hide that bottle until I get there!