Thursday, 7 June 2012


Direction Paris on Monday - with intent to visit Versaille, having recently watched the Three Musketeers in 3D. Sadly, an issue which was to bug us for a couple of days appeared : the habit of the French of closing major attractions for whole days even in high season. 

 Although the main palace was closed, the gardens remained open, and offered buggies to hire to travel around them.

 The lake was stocked with the largest carp I've ever seen - it's an awful picture but as the carp had just tried to acquire my hand *with* the proffered bread, you can understand I was jumping backwards a little! Much fun was had feeding them stale petit pain au chocolate, and baguettes ( is chocolate poisonous to fish??)

By this point in the trip, I'd like to take a little diversion into the French campsite descriptive. If they say it's 4 star, it's probably full of plastic  kiddies toys, and has the worst sanitary facilities you've ever seen. None of them stock loo roll, and toilets appear to be optional. Showers become of extreme interest on arrival : checking out every cubicle to find one that generously pours out more than a dribble. I've almost convinced myself to go off the beaten track for campsites, but not quite.... not yet. Actually, 3 star seems to be a better bet - but no wifi :(

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