Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chantilly & a lack of horses

 Chantilly is the home of the Musee Vivant de Cheval. Once owned by a duc  : exhibit 1

who firmly believed in re-incarnation, not happy with having rebuilt from scratch his new home :

 he decided to build a set of stables adjacent to his newly rebuilt family home for himself and 200 -odd of his family who would surely reincarnate as horses.

Yes, that's the view of it from the Chateau. Yes, the stables are bigger than the castle!

Strangely enough, when he kicked the bucket, his 4 year old heir's guardian decided enough was enough with the spending money, and some bits are unfinished....not that you'd notice.

Its now a living museum of equitation with displays every day except.....Tuesday. Today. And the Chateau has a library with the Tres Riches Heure manuscript by the Duc de Berry on display - one of the finest gothic manuscripts surviving. Except it's shut.  Pooh. Still, more ducks and carp to feed in the surrounding moats and lakes.

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