Thursday, 14 June 2012

Driving me insane

I'd like to take a quick moment to muse about drivers.

I consider myself to be reasonably experienced at driving overseas, and I'm not exactly in a hurry to get anywhere so I am pootling along quietly and careful at a respectable but not insanely slow speed. For the majority of drivers on the roads so far, that has been fine and I've had no real issues, whether in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, or much of France. There is however one exception : lorry drivers on RN roads in France. Regardless of their limiters, they are *always* in a tearing hurry, and being at or near the speed limit just isnt fast enough. I've had a number of encouters with stupid lorry drivers, but two so far stand out :

  • One lorry decided that tailgating was the new fashion and parked himself so closely on my tail that I could have reached out the rear window and washed his windscreen for him with a cloth. I managed to shake that one, by pulling over and letting him pass, and he sensibly backed off long enough for me to brake and stop. 
  • The other lorry driver can only be described as insane - he tailgated, he tried to overtake on single lane country roads, he did everything he could to intimidate me. Courtesy of him, I ended up with a dinged wingmirror, but thankfully no damage beyond the very faintest of scratch. 
I think I've decided I dislike French lorry drivers on the whole!

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