Friday, 1 June 2012

The Yorkshire Dales

From Lancashire, Janine and I headed off towards the Yorkshire Dales, with a brief halt at Ingleton Falls. Thankfully the weather was somewhat cooler so we didnt die of heat stroke before we reached even the first waterfall.  What we did find was WAY cooler - a pair of money or wish trees : leave your penny in the tree and bring yourself some good luck. Ever a sucker for myths and legends I had to take part on this one :D

We started in the Broadwood car park and followed the trail along the banks of the River Twiss , through Swilla Glenn with its coin embedded tree and on to Pecca Falls, Pecca Twin Falls, Holly Bush Spout and almost up to  Thornton Force. At this point whilst the 'monkeys' were still willing, the greyhounds were knackered, so it was time to turn back and head for another cream tea, this time with proper clotted cream!

Onwards into the Dales we headed until we came to the Ribbleshead viaduct : yes, it is the train route to Hogwarts!!

 For engineers out there :  the Ribblehead viaduct is 440 yards (400 m) long, and 104 feet (32 m) above the valley floor at its highest point.[1] It is made up of twenty-four arches of 45 feet (14 m) span, with foundations 15 feet (4.6 m) deep. The north end of the viaduct is 13 feet (4.0 m) higher in elevation than the south end.It was built by a thousand Navvies, who camped out there with their families.

On to Wensleydale and a quick trip into the creamery to buy proper Wensleydale cheese : here's Janine hiding round the side of the 'van with the cheese haul!

We overnighted in a campsite futher over in the Dale, and it was heavenly : a nice glass of wine, the view and home cooked dinner.......and all the fresh air led to us falling asleep before 10 pm. You will however be proud of me.....I survived a night with *NO* connectivity, neither wireless, nor mobile, and only minor twitches!

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  1. "A nice glass of wine" ?

    More like a bottle between us, followed by a large rum and coke!