Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Meteorites and Frogs

Rochouart is the site of a major meteorite impact, which has remained as a minor crater filled with a pleasant lake. In good thrifty French fashion, the meteorite itself has been cannibalised into building materials to make the local buildings through the ages, and the lowest point has become a lake, draining the surrounding run off into a single green location. Surrounding the lake is the local municipal campsite, "camping du meteorite" which is a pleasant terraced site with a nice swimming pool which has the most bizarre spidershaped bushes surrounding it. What they dont mention when you check in, is the local frog population - and no I'm not speaking in rhetoric. The local 'grenouilles' spend the *entire* night chirping and chittering at an astounding volume, declaring their territory and presumably everlasting love to their lady fair! I dont often see the dawn arriving, I'm not a morning girl, but this night was 'interrupted' frequently with the local carousing!

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