Saturday, 9 June 2012


Wednesday was a day of transit : and learning how to operate ( or not ) a sat-nav.  Firstly, avoid central Paris with an RV : you *will* be mostly parked for a couple of hours. I managed to avoid the Arc de Triomphe, but seemed to hit every other chaotic road junction. I'd decided to do a long run down to Limoges to position myself nicely for the Dordogne, and Region Perigord but..... Apparently the fastest way from Paris to Chateauroux is via Le Mans. Check it on a map. It really really isnt. Having realised this a little late ( chartres ) I then headed off the 'peage' cross country to try and get back on track - after having acquired a good old fashioned map - and incidently running into the British Hotrod association : cars below :D

I ended up on "La route de ble" - clearly traversing the cornbasket of France - great rolling fields of wheat, with giant remotely operated spraying systems, and lots and lots and lots of poppies! Absolutely glorious color and just divine open views.


As I approached Chateauroux, I decided to try some of the more adventurous routes that the sat nav was proposing : yes, I did go off roading, and no, I decided this bridge was not passable in a modern vehicle, even without the concrete reminders!

Somewhere along the mammoth journey, a near and dear decided I needed a call sign, and has christened the 'Van and I as 'Plastic Penguin'. No, I won't explain why, even if I could.

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