Thursday, 14 June 2012

From France to Spain

From Carcassonne I headed down the coast into Spain. The Costa Brava is famed for its beautiful coves and sun, sand and sea but having stopped at a campsite just outside Barcelona I ended up with a royal  turkey. I chose it because of the name - El Masnou - Masnou being Shadow's kennel club name.  Claiming to be a 5 star camping site it was cramped, squalid, poor facilities, right in front of a railway line and busy dual carriage way - and very very full. I decided given the time to stay nontheless and wandered down to the beach for my first dip in the Mediterranean for the year. Refreshing to say the least! However later that night, it became clear it was a bad call to hang around - as at least two of the spaces were full of drunk french youths who caroused *loudly* all night. I wouldnt have minded if it was singing or something halfway interesting, but just shouting and screaming gets old quick :( - so clearly time to scarper quick and head on to more interesting things.

 Having been in Barcelona just a few weeks before, I decided to give it a miss and headed deeper into Spain when disaster struck!  The motorway was pretty rough with winds buffetting the 'van in all directions. Suddenly the noise level rose inside the main habitation and on pulling over I realised I no longer had a top level window!! Large amounts of gaffer tape, the kitchen extending surface and a black bin bag later on, I had something that allowed me to limp to a service halt and call the RAC. They sent me a lovely Catalunyan blonde lady with a lisp and a *strong* regional accent who didnt speak English and blanched when she saw my vehicle. That said, we coped and she got me to a local Dethleff campervan dealer who managed after *many* phone calls to source a window and fit it, after an overnight stay in Lleida. Although they offered to let me stay in the van in the garage, I'm afraid I chickened out and headed for a nice comfy hotel!!

I had time to wander around Lleida and admire their Cathedral, complete with nesting storks ( LOTS!) , and find a doggy in a window who tickled my sense of humour, and some fun street graffitti. Oh, and a local Spanish dessert!

Finally, here's my baby back on the road again, with new window  - unopening this time though :( . Back on the road, Madrid bound this time.

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