Friday, 1 June 2012

Forest of Bowland

Monday is Forest of Bowland day - an AONB near Lancaster spanning Lancashire and North Yorkshire.  Driving though it in late spring early summer really brings home the fact that England is a most awesome green and pleasant land -despite the 'drought'.
Beacon Fell lies within the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and was one of the first Country Parks to be designated in England (1969). Managed by Lancashire County Council, the Fell is an area of moorland and woodland covering 185 acres which is open to the public. It has wonderful views over the Ribble, the Fylde and Morecambe Bay, and has been the site of a warning Beacon since 1005. It warned of the coming of the Spanish Armada in 1558.
Target for the day was a gentle amble with the greyhounds, somewhere shady and cool and I think we achieved our aim. Was *interesting* to try and drive up some of the smaller and steeper little lanes  - I clearly need some practice with clutch work, judging from the clouds of smoke I managed to create.  Still a little practice before leaving the country is a good thing.
Lots of lovely wildflowers, with late bluebells mixed in with the buttercups, and a plethora of other flowers I couldnt name. Note to self : acquire app for phone which recognises and names plants.
There is the strangest sculpture in the middle of the Park - it's entitled Orme Sight and is carved by Thompson Dagnall.He's clearly a local artist of some reknown, but it's a god-awful sculpture in a beautiful location. 

From Beacon Fell, we headed back to the coast, reaching it just south of Blackpool, and stopping for a yummy coffee, scones, jam and cream. NOM!

 Windmills seem to be a bit of a Hallmark of the journey so far, so, for completeness - here is the Lytham  windmill, captured in during our final wandering along the sand dunes and estuary.

Dinner, courtesy of Kevin and Lisa was at the Mandarin, a local chinese in Lytham - awesome food, and the vegetarian banquet is highly recommended. 

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  1. What a lovely day it was ... *sigh*
    You are ruining me for work!